Focus On Fairweather


I have known Ben since the Millennium working together in Tasks Mailrooms over the years where I was Ben's supervisor. He has always been a great employee quietly going about his duties without complaint and with minimal errors. He is easy to talk to and he is a joy to supervise.

I currently work with Ben in the IRS mailroom where Tasks Unlimited has a contract. Ben has been punctual, dependable,and good natured. But it's really the extras that Ben has done that make him special. The IRS cut their hours which meant Ben was required to split his shift to half janitorial/half mailroom. Although this could have been taken as a step back, Ben didn't take it that way at all. He agreed to the arrangement with a good attitude because it was best for the contract. He also has shown great flexibility with his schedule filling in for me when I must be away.

I know less about his Lodge experience. I just know the guys love him. He has been in a Lodge since the mid-80's so the proof is in the pudding.

Submitted By:

Bruce Ario

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