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The purpose of this blog is to spread the news of an incredible and under-utilized community mental health model known as the “Fairweather Lodge.”  (The “Lodge” model, sometimes known as the “Community Lodge,” is often referred to as the “Fairweather Lodge” in reference to the late George W. Bill Fairweather, who developed the model in the early 1960s.) 


Breakthrough Moments in The Lodge

A Post by Bruce Ario

Breakthroughs are special moments whereby bridges are built and new outlooks arise. You can’t really plan the best kind of breakthroughs; you just know when the time is right. They happen with great intensity and perfect focus. The lights go up and changes occur. Things move forward.

            And breakthroughs can happen in the Lodge. They can happen when two people share a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. They can happen in the locker room at the worksite. And they can happen in the van ride home. Two people converse and a new understanding arises between them, an insight that wasn’t in play before.

            Breakthroughs can inspire action. You may embark on a new journey or way of doing things. They can be a great impetus in creating new behavior. You have a new awareness now and that drives you. Alternatively, breakthroughs can give you cause for reflection, something to think about at the end of a day. Whatever you do with your breakthroughs, you’ll never be the same.

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Bruce Ario
Breakthroughs mutual, otherwise it's just aggression.
Friday, June 24, 2022 · reply ·
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