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The purpose of this blog is to spread the news of an incredible and under-utilized community mental health model known as the “Fairweather Lodge.”  (The “Lodge” model, sometimes known as the “Community Lodge,” is often referred to as the “Fairweather Lodge” in reference to the late George W. Bill Fairweather, who developed the model in the early 1960s.) 



A post by Bill McHenry...

Those of us who 'do' Lodge... or as we like to say... are Lodgey... sometimes don't understand why people aren't knocking down our doors to find out how to get in on the Newest Old Thing in mental health services...  

Why aren't families, agencies, providers, and governments reaching out to The Lodge Community to see how we (and mostly the Lodge Members) do this?

Of course, some have. Some are involved and active.  We applaud the Commonwealth of Pennslyvania, and our dear friend Corey Trench in Williamsburg Virginia, who have embraced this model as a way forward for people.

But, we want to engage more folks in dialog.  The CCL Board is currently in our Mid-year Meeting in Cedar Rapids Iowa where agencies from Cedar Rapids and Iowa City are considering the Model, or looking to support the Lodges and Lodge Members already associated with them.  Have you ever heard of a group from across the country, individuals engaged in supporting folks living in the model, coming to help YOU learn, understand, and begin hosting Fairweather Lodges in your neck of the woods?

Let's engage in some conversation.  What groups out there are intrigued by this thought?  Reach out to us.  I currently serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors of the CCL.  My email is  Reach out.  Let's talk, either here in the blog comments or directly by email.  Let's see how we can help each other.

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