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The purpose of this blog is to spread the news of an incredible and under-utilized community mental health model known as the “Fairweather Lodge.”  (The “Lodge” model, sometimes known as the “Community Lodge,” is often referred to as the “Fairweather Lodge” in reference to the late George W. Bill Fairweather, who developed the model in the early 1960s.) 



A Post By Bruce Ario

Living in the Lodge was the best place to help me with my symptoms.

There is one major reason for this: the situation was understood. I'm not

saying others could read my mind and tell what my thoughts actually were.

I am saying the Lodge members understood the illness - the need for others,

even strangers, to know your thoughts.

   Lodge members knew that this wasn't healthy. I had a Messiah complex

and I was sure if people could read my mind I could save the world. Some

normal people, artists in particular, walk down this path, but I was extreme,

and my plan wasn't working. I was in dangerous territory. I needed help.

    Lodge members had a code for symptoms: don't enable them but

recognize that are real. Give the guy space. Outside of the Lodge, symptoms

would not be understood at all. I felt like an alien, but inside the Lodge the

situation of having symptoms was tolerated and handled.


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Bruce I always say lodge members are some of the most understanding and patient people I have ever met. Most people don't know what it's like living in a lodge because, you are introduced to complete strangers with just an interview to let them into your home. They have the best hearts, glad you're there.
Tuesday, August 10, 2021 · reply ·
Bruce D Ario
It's always those with the least in monetary means who have the biggest hearts.
Wednesday, August 11, 2021 · reply ·
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